YM2612 Datasheet – 24 Pin, Sound Chip – Yamaha

This post describes for the Yamaha Chip.

The function of this semiconductor is Sound Chip.

The IC Package is DIP 24 Pin type.

The manufacturer of this part is Yamaha.

See the preview image and the PDF file for more information.


YM2612 Datasheet Sound Chip


The Yamaha YM2612 is a six-channel FM synthesizer, based on the Yamaha YM2203C. It was most notably used in Sega’s Mega Drive/Genesis video game console, as well as Fujitsu’s FM Towns computer series. As with the YM3438, it was used by Sega in various arcade game systems, including the Mega-Play, System 18, and System 32. Yamaha YM2612 (OPN) Sound Chip

YM2612 datasheet pinout


1. Six FM voices

2. Four operators per channel

3. Two interval timers

4. A sine-wave low frequency oscillator

5. Integrated stereo output digital-to-analog converter (most other contemporary Yamaha FM chips require a separate external D/A converter chip)

6. Per-channel programmable stereo sound (left, right, or both left and right resulting in centre)

7. For channel three, operator frequencies can be set independently, making dissonant harmonics possible. (Normally, they would have a simple relation like e.g. 2× or 3× relative to a common base frequency)


YM2612 Datasheet


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