3DU5C PDF Datasheet – NPN Silicon Phototransistor

Part Number: 3DU5C

Function: NPN Phototransistor

Package: Radial Type

Manufacturer: ETC


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3DU5C pdf datasheet


3DU5C is NPN Silicon Phototransistor. An NPN silicon phototransistor is a type of semiconductor device that belongs to the phototransistor family. It is specifically designed to sense or detect light and convert it into an electrical signal.

A photocoupler, also known as an optocoupler or an optical isolator, is an electronic component that provides electrical isolation between two circuits while allowing them to communicate with each other optically.

It typically consists of an LED and a photodetector, such as a photodiode or a phototransistor, housed in a single package.

Specification :

1. NPN Silicon Phototransistor

2. Working Voltage(Max.) : 10V

3. Reverse Breakdown Voltage : 15V

4. Dark Current : 0.3uA

5. Photocurrent : 0.5-1mA

6. Power Consumption : 30mW

7. Peak Wavelength : 880nM

8. Body Size : 7 x 5mm/ 0.28″ x 0.2″(L*D)

9. Total Length : 28mm/ 1.1″

10. External Material : Metal

11. Weight : 3g […]


Other data sheets are available within the file: 3DU2A, 3DU2C, 3DU5A, 3DU5B, 3DU8

3DU5C PDF Datasheet

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