8873CSCNG6V09 Datasheet – Color TV decoding chip – Toshiba

Part Number: 8873CSCNG6V09

Function: Color TV Special Decoding Chip

Package: DIP 64 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Toshiba




8873CSCNG6V09 is a newly developed 2-in-1 color TV special decoding chip from Toshiba Corporation of Japan. It can be applied to 14″~29″ movements and has a variety of functions to expand from simple to high-end series on a single PCB motherboard.


8873CSCNG6V09 datasheet pinout

8873CSCNG6V09 Datasheet

8873CSCNG6V09 pdf

8873CSCNG6PR6 Datasheet

Reference page : //www.datasheetcafe.com/8873cscng6pr6-datasheet-pdf/

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