CBB21 Capacitor – Metallized Polypropylene Film (MPP)

Part Number: CBB21

Function: Capacitor, Metallized Polypropylene Film

Manufacturer: Elecsound Electronics


CBB21 Capacitor


The CBB21 is constructed with metallized polypropylene film capacitor, copperply lead and epoxy resin coating. There are suitable for blocking, by-pass, coupling, decoupling filtering, timeing, tuning temperature compensation, and ideal for use in telecommunication equipments data processing equipments, industrial instruments, automatic control system and other general electronic equipments.


1. Low dissipation factor and high insulation resistance.

2. High stability of capacitance and DF versus temperature and frequency Non-inductive construction and self-healing property.

3. Flame retardant epoxy resin coating.

Specification :


2. CAPACITANCE RANGE : 0.001µF~3.3µF

3. CAPACITANCE TOLERANCE : ±5% (J),±10% (K),±20% (M)

4. RATED VOLTAGE : 100VDC, 250VDC, 400VDC, 630VDC

5. DISSIPATION FACTOR : 0.1% MAX at 1KHz, 25℃

6. INSULATION RESISTANCE : >30000MΩ(C≦0.33µF) >10000MΩ.µF (C>0.33µF)


1. Widely used in high frequency, DC, AC and pulse circuits

2. Suitable for S-correction circuits of large screen monitor

3. Suitable for the situations where applies high frequency and high current pulse


CBB21 Capacitor Datasheet PDF

CBB21 pdf

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