CD6282CS PDF – Dual-channel Audio Power Amplifier

This post explains for the amplifier.

The Part Number is CD6282CS.

The function of this semiconductor is 4.6W X 2 Dual-channel audio power amplifier.

The package is FSIP12 Type

Manufacturer: ETC

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CD6282CS pinout datasheet


CD6282CS is a two-channel audio power amplifier circuit with power ON/OFF auxiliary switch function. It is small in size and simple in peripheral circuits. It can be used for audio power amplification in portable tape recorders.

An audio power amplifier is an electronic device designed to amplify low-power audio signals to a level suitable for driving speakers or other types of audio output devices. It is a crucial component in audio systems, such as stereo systems, home theater setups, public address (PA) systems, and professional audio equipment.

The primary function of an audio power amplifier is to take a weak audio signal, typically coming from a preamplifier or audio source, and increase its power level while preserving the fidelity of the original signal. The amplifier boosts the voltage and current of the audio signal to drive the speakers or other audio devices with sufficient power to produce sound.


1. High output power
2. Low poof when starting up
3. low quiescent current
4. soft clamp function
5. Built-in overheat protection circuit
6. Wide operating supply voltage range VCC = 6V ~ 15V



CD6282CS pdf


CD6282CS PDF Datasheet