HA1156W Datasheet PDF – FM Stereo Demodulator

This is one of the demodulator types.

Part Number: HA1156W

Function: FM Stereo Demodulator

Package: DIP 14 Pin

Manufacturer: Hitachi

See the preview image and the PDF file for more information.

Image :

HA1156W image


1. Low External Part – No Coils
2. Only One Adjustment of Semifixed Volume for Oscillation Frequency
3. High Operating Stability Against Environmental Condition Change
4. Total System Including Stereo Demodulator, Automatic Stereo-Moanural Switching Circuit, and Stereo Indicator Lamp Driver

Function Block Diagram

Datasheet Block Diagram

HA1156W Pinout

HA1156W Circuit

Absolute maximum ratings ( Ta = 25°C )

1. Supply Voltage : Vcc = 16 V
2. Lamp Current : IL = 75 mA
3. Power Dissipation : Pt = 400 mW
4. Operating Temperature : Topr = -20 to +85°C
5. Storage Temperature: Tsg = -55 ~ +125°C

Standard Circuit


HA1156W Datasheet PDF Download

HA1156W pdf


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