INL816GN Datasheet – CCFL Inverter Controller IC

Part Number: INL816GN

Function: CCFL Inverter Controller IC, PWM Control IC for Inverter

Package : SOP 16 PIN

Manufacturer: O2MICRO

Image :

INL816GN Datasheet


This is PWM Control IC for Inverter.

Pinouts :

INL816GN pinout

1 DRV1 O Driver output 1
2 VDDA — Supply voltage input
3 SEL I Select Signal for Push-Pull or Half-Bridge Topology
4 RT1 I/O Timing Resistor for Striking Frequency
5 RT I/O Timing Resistor for Operation Frequency
6 ENAPWM I Enable and PWM Dimming input
7 PID I Analog Dimming input
8 TIMER I/O Timing Capacitor for Delay Timer
9 ISEN1 I Currentfeedback1
10 ISEN2 I Currentfeedback2
11 VSEN I Voltage Feedback
12 OLP1 I Open-Lamp Protection Sense1
13 OLP2 I Open-Lamp Protection Sense2
14 SSTCMP I/O Soft-Start and Compensation
15 GNDA — Ground
16 DRV2 O Driver output 2

INL816GN pinout


Reference Homepage :

INL816GN Datasheet PDF

INL816GN pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: INL816

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