RJP4585 Datasheet – IGBT for Plasma LCD TV – Renesas

Part Number: RJP4585

Function: IGBT for Plasma LCD TV

Package: TO220F Type

Manufacturer: Renesas




IGBT stands for Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor. It is a type of power semiconductor device that combines the advantages of bipolar transistors (high voltage and current handling capability) and field-effect transistors (fast switching and low on-state resistance).

IGBTs are widely used in power electronic applications, such as motor drives, renewable energy systems, and power conversion systems, due to their high efficiency, fast switching speed, and low switching losses. They are also used in applications where high voltage and high current are required, such as in welding equipment and induction heating.

An IGBT consists of a P-N-P-N structure with an insulated gate, which is used to control the flow of current between the emitter and collector terminals. When a positive voltage is applied to the gate terminal, it creates a conducting channel between the emitter and collector, allowing current to flow. When the gate voltage is removed, the channel is turned off, and the IGBT becomes an open switch.

The IGBT has several advantages over traditional power semiconductors, such as bipolar transistors and MOSFETs, making it a popular choice for high-power applications. These advantages include high voltage and current handling capability, fast switching speed, low switching losses, and low on-state resistance.


RJP4585 Datasheet


Other data sheets are available within the file: RJP4585DPP

RJP4301APP Datasheet

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