SK18752 Datasheet – 5.5W Audio Power Amplifier – Sanken

Part Number: SK18752

Function: Audio High Amp for sony homecinema set

Package: TO-220-5P

Manufacturer: Sanken



The SK18752 is 5.5W Audio Power Amplifier, a monolithic power amplifier offering very low
distortion and high quality performance for consumer audio applications.


SK18752 pinout

Pinouts equivalent Inforamtion

SK18752 = SI18752 = SK3875 = LM1875 = TDA2030A


1. High performance audio systems
2. Bridge amplifiers
3. Stereo phonographs
4. Servo amplifiers
5. Instrument systems

SK18752 Datasheet

SK18752 Datasheet

LM1875 Datasheet


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