ADAM26P20 PDF – Remote Control Transmitter

Part Number: ADAM26P20

Function: Single Remote Control Transmitter

Package: SOP 20 Pin Type

Manufacturer: ETA Chips


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ADAM26P20 pdf datasheet


The ADAM26P20 is remote control transmitter which uses CMOS Technology. The ADAM26XXX is suitable for remote control of TV, VCR, FANS, Air-conditioners, Audio Equipments, Toys, Games etc.

This is an electronic device that is used to wirelessly transmit commands or signals to control another device, typically for the purpose of remotely operating and managing that device. Remote control transmitters are widely used in various applications, including consumer electronics, home automation, automotive systems, and industrial equipment.


1. Program Memory – 2,048 bytes(2,048 x 8bit) [ Multi-programmable By 1K-Byte or 2K Byte)

2. Data Memory (RAM) – 32nibble(32 x 4bit)

3. 3 levels of subroutine nesting

4. Operating Frequency – 2.4MHz ~ 4 MHz

5. Instruction Cycle – fosc/48

6. Stop mode

7. Released stop mode by key input

8. Built in Power-on Reset Circuit, WDT

9. Built in Transistor for I.R LED Drive – IOL=250mA at VDD=3V and Vo=0.3V

10. Built in Low Voltage Reset Circuit

11. Low Operating Voltage – 1.3 ~ 3.6V ETA Chips Co., Ltd […]


ADAM26P20 PDF Datasheet

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