ADAM26P20 PDF – Remote Control Transmitter

Part Number: ADAM26P20

Function: Single Remote Control Transmitter

Package: SOP 20 Pin Type

Manufacturer: ETA Chips


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The ADAM26P20 is remote control transmitter which uses CMOS Technology. The ADAM26XXX is suitable for remote control of TV, VCR, FANS, Air-conditioners, Audio Equipments, Toys, Games etc.


1. Program Memory – 2,048 bytes(2,048 x 8bit) [ Multi-programmable By 1K-Byte or 2K Byte)

2. Data Memory (RAM) – 32nibble(32 x 4bit)

3. 3 levels of subroutine nesting

4. Operating Frequency – 2.4MHz ~ 4 MHz

5. Instruction Cycle – fosc/48

6. Stop mode

7. Released stop mode by key input

8. Built in Power-on Reset Circuit, WDT

9. Built in Transistor for I.R LED Drive – IOL=250mA at VDD=3V and Vo=0.3V

10. Built in Low Voltage Reset Circuit

11. Low Operating Voltage – 1.3 ~ 3.6V ETA Chips Co., Ltd […]


ADAM26P20 Datasheet

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