STRW6051S PDF – Current Mode Control PWM Regulator IC

Part Number: STRW6051S

Function: Current Mode Control PWM Regulator IC

Package: TO-220F-6L Type

Manufacturer: Sanken


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This is Off-Line PWM Controllers with Integrated Power MOSFET.

The STR-W6051S, STRW6051S series are power ICs for switching power supplies, incorporating a MOSFET and a current mode PWM controller IC.

The low standby power is accomplished by the automatic switching between the PWM operation in
normal operation and the burst-oscillation under light load conditions. The product achieves high
cost-performance power supply systems with few external components.



1. Current Mode Type PWM Control

2. Brown-In and Brown-Out function

3. Auto Standby Function: No Load Power Consumption < 30 mW

4. Operation Mode
(1) Normal Operation : PWM Mode
(2) Standby : Burst Oscillation Mode

5. Random Switching Function

6. Slope Compensation Function

7. Leading Edge Blanking Function

8. Bias Assist Function



1. White goods
2. Office automation equipment
3. Industrial equipment




STRW6051S Datasheet